In an effort to foster space comradery The Artifactory is hosting a build competition! Members and non members alike will have until the end of the year to submit their entries.

The Opposites Competition

The aim is to take an existing object and modify it to perform the opposite of its intended purpose or render it creatively useless. For example, a toaster that freezes bread, or a cup you cannot drink from.


Prizes to come but will include memberships and tool usage vouchers :o

  • Main prize, judged on:
    • Presentation
    • Build
    • Cost
  • Most tools used
  • Least laser cutting
  • Crowd favourite
  • Most spectacular fail on the day
  • Best non-member entry


  1. Entries cannot endanger the participant or others.
  2. All participants must register by 30/11/2019
  3. A spending limit of $25-50 is encouraged, bonus points will be awarded based on how little you spend.
  4. Participants should aim to utilise recycled material from the Hack Rack, Hack-me bench and other sources wherever possible.
  5. While participants can seek assistance from others the majority of the build/design process should be performed by the participant. An exception will be made for tools that the participant does not feel safe using.
  6. Entries must be ready for presentation on the 31/12/19. Entries will be judged on the 4/1/2020
  7. Participants can submit multiple entries but will only be able to win one prize.
  8. Registered participants that aren’t members of The Artifactory will have the opportunity to enter the space for free during designated build events.


If you’re keen to try your hand at making sign up as a participant here


Want to chat with other participants? Join us on our Slack team in #opposites-competition or hit up the Facebook event.


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