Just a brief overview of the many tools and facilities we have available for our members and provide training for. A more extensive list of what we have and how to use them can be found on our the  Tools Register on our wiki.  Please note some tools do have a small tool usage cost attached to them to assist with maintenance and some consumables.

Laser Cutters:


We have three Laser Cutters named ‘Big Red’, Middle Red and ‘Little Red’ able to cut through most woods and acrylic. (Note: Does not do metal )
Big Red Work Area: 1200mm×900mm
Little Red Work Area:500mm×300mm
Input Format: DXF



3 Axis CNC Router:

An in-house built 3-Axis CNC milling machine named Swarf-O-Mat capable of routing all woods, plastics and aluminum.

Work Area: 580mm x 440mm x 60mm


3D Printers:

We have one FDM and one Resin 3D printer.   

Machine Shop:

We have a decently stocked machine shop with housing heavy machinery such as band saws, grinders, metal lathe, drill press, tabletop sander, table saw and many more including our assortment of power and hand tools.



Electronics Workbench:

Equipped with soldering irons, digital and analog oscilloscopes, free to use components for members, PCB etching kit and power supplies and just to name a few.


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