First in a planned series of Arduino Tutorial / Workshop evenings where guest lecturers / tutors / people wot think they know a thing or two about Ardunios give brief talks on their speciality/widget/sensor of interest, and then we get down to business building Arduino based stuff.

Designed to give people with little coding experience the basics to get started, allow advanced Arduino users to share new tips and tricks, and most of all, snowball Arduino efforts.

Attendees will need: A laptop, an Arduino, and a USB cable of their own, plus any widgets you want to attach to it.

To kick off the series, SKoT McDonald will talk about some of the issues surrounding real-time programming on Arduinos – how to read sensors and smooth their output, how to generate simple signals without blocking the CPU, and other gotchas on the wee beasties. Aimed at being an intro-to-Arduino-Programming with a slight flavour of music/audio interface applications, but generally applicable.

We’ll then spend time getting everyone’s rigs up to development speed so that by the end of the evening Blinky Lights And More have occurred, and the occult veil has been lifted from these incredibly useful and easy micro-controllers…

Additional talks will be given on a range of topics ranging from the tricks involved in de-bouncing button pushes properly and elegantly to PID loops for regulation of large AC loads.

Starts: 7:30pm. Cost: $10 to non-Artifactory-members. Required: a laptop and your own Arduino (though a few Arduinos and starter kits will also be available to buy on the night).


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