Come on down and enjoy all the best in what the Perth experimental and alternative music / noise scene has to offer!

LINEUP: Thaddeus TheExhile – Guitar laden doom promises to fill every space in The Artifactory | H+ – New ambient noise project from Perth, prepare yourselves for challenging new deathscapes! | Quick – Noise and sample manipulation pushes the limits of the genre ever onward | Lomax – Manipulated sound objects with a distinct taste of New Zealand | Max Vickery and Friends – Dadaist surrealism as Max Vickery and friends tear it up! What is ‘it’ exactly? Come find out! | Josten Myburgh – Promising WAAPA composer with a head of hair that proves it gets his percussive noise on | Mace Francis – Artifactory resident Mace Francis promises to explore the sonic environment of The Artifactory with a new site specific work! | Monsieur Herr Senor Dr Vellocet – Infamous exponent of the “colours of noise” theory of timbre gets out his beret and has a rant, with backing track. Marvel at the inconsistency of his pan-European art-critic accent

NoizeMaschine#17 – $10 for non-members, Bar d’Factory serves drinks and earplugs. Doors open 19:30

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