Non programmers and beginners are welcome at Arduino U on Wednesday 5th. This is an opportunity to meet fellow tinkerers with a range of knowledge and experience and play with circuits and sketches.
This week, Doug is planning to demonstrate some simple to write and understand timing functions to replace “delay” in Arduino sketches. This will be aimed at the level of people new to the Arduino platform. (That is, he is going to selfishly take the opportunity to clean up some of his embarrassingly crappy timing code in a few old projects.)
Doug (and others) will be on hand to assist you to nut out circuits and sketches for you own projects (or at least suggest resources that you could use to help yourself).
If there is any interest, Doug will also demonstrate some of the basics of RS Components free “DesignSpark” PCB design software.

SKoT will be working on getting some MIDI / DMX control over power supplies for on-stage antics.

Join in! Guests / non-Artifactory members welcome, $10 evening fee.


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