Arduino U  is on again as usual this Wednesday evening – sort of. laserradiationsign

The Artifactory has taken delivery of our new laser cutter and since there will  likely be many folk attending Wednesday night to ogle and celibrate, it’s not certain how much “Arduinoing” will actually get done.

Still, Doug will be there with his collection of electronics junk and smattering of Arduino knowledge to help you get started, assist in troubleshooting a particular electronics or code issue or simply  suggest resources.

Beginners are welcome – but please BRING YOUR LAPTOP if you want to get the most out of your visit.   $10 in the tin supports the existence of our geek-friendly hackerspace.

While there are usually one or two spare Arduino’s available for beginners to tinker with and explore, it is preferable if you can bring your own.


2 Responses to Arduino U – 19:00, Wednesday 6th November

  1. lownlazy says:

    would you ever consider doing a Raspberry pi beginners night?

  2. skot says:

    The arduino nights tend to pull the Pi crowd…

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