20121224145529Our Arduino “beginners kit” for Arduino U nights sold well last week!  We have 10 6 3 kits remaining, each containing 1 non genuine Chinese Arduino “clone” and a selection of carefully selected basic electronic parts in a bespoke laser cut box.  These will be sold “first come, first served”.

One member has a pile of 32×16 LED Dot Matrix Displays on the way.  We have got one running and plan to hack and play with it using a modified library from Freetronics.  Doug can also “show and tell” his prototype ultrasonic distance measuring project, if anybody is interested in using numeric  keypads, ultrasonic sensors or 16×2 LCD screens.  Of course, you are welcome to bring in your own project to boast, explain or seek assistance.

Please don’t forget to BRING YOUR LAPTOP if you want to get the most out of your visit.

$10 in the tin supports the existence of our geek-friendly makerspace.


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