Events Calendar

  • Further details on regular events/workshops are in our wiki
  • See below the calendars if you want to hold an event/workshop at the Perth Artifactory

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    Holding an Event/Workshop at The Artifactory

    Running an event/workshop at the Artifactory is super easy and you don’t even need to be a member to do it.  Over a quarter of 230+ events/workshops in 2018 were run by external groups/persons.

    In summary –

  • The event must be consistent with objectives our constitution.
  • The maximum capacity of the Artifactory is 50 people for any event. (up to 100 if toilets are hired & note parking is limited during business hours)
  • If the event does not require exclusive access of the Artifactory or hinder making/noise from members, cost is usually charged at $10 per non-members of the Artifactory.
    For enquiries, contact or come to a Wednesday evening event and track down a committee member to discuss you idea.

    Past Event Organizers

    Just some of the many organizations we’ve been fortunate enough to host at our space.



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