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Want to hold an Event at The Artifactory?


Technology workshops, seminars, art exhibitions, lectures – all possible. Big doofs, club nights, etc – not so much. We’re a busy workshop with a limited performance area and restricted hours in which we can run such events.   People can get overexcited when they hear “hacker warehouse in industrial area with cool gadgets”. Max capacity is 50(up to 100 if toilets are hired) people for any event. Currently we must operate under the small cultural event licensing exemption rules, and thus we can only serve alcohol from 6pm to 10pm, with under 50 people present. Events must also be themed in a manner consistent with our constitution – to encourage technological and/or maker creativity. We encourage you to VISIT the space to see what it’s like.


Past Event Organizers

Just some of the many organizations we’ve been fortunate enough to host at our space.



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