$5 entry, $5 drinks. 8 acts. Big Fun Times Small Dollar!

Australian Computer Music Conference away team report
Alex & I | FRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDSFRIENDS | Jameson Feakes | The Sonic Manipulator |Eduardo Cossio | Polite.Society | Diode (Duo) | Jean-Michel Maujean

LASERS by The Optic Nerve

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/418266525039772/



Build your own Eurorack format synth modules from Nonlinearcircuits kits! #18 in our long-running series of popular workshops, where you too can build your very own synthesiser – one piece at a time!

Kits range in price from $20 to $50 and cover a variety of functions – VCOs, LFOs, Filters, Mixers, Power supplies and more. $10 for non-members.

See the facebook event for more information: Modular Synth DIY Workshop #18


We welcome / indoctrinate new members, and train them up on the Fancy Machines like the laser cutters. Visitors are also welcome – this is a great day to check out the space and see what it is all about. If you’ve always been curious and meaning to come along, Saturday is your day to get a guided tour and your questions answered! :) There may even be sausages sizzling.


Argh, it’s the 5th NM Halloween Special! We like everything in fives: $5 entry, $5 drinks, 5 limbs, 5th dimension. 5/4, even.

Henry Neil McMagic | Joseph de Kock | Hi OK Sorry | Spooky Jones Filmhaus | The Cube Effect | Damage Wave | One | Strundkits

Incidental audio weirdness by DJ Christopher James Percival during breaks

The NM52 Event on Facebook

  • Wed 7 Oct – Arduino U. [FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/684160245018000/]
  • Sat 10 Oct – General Hacking Day
  • Tues 13 Oct – WAMod Build Your Own Modular Synth Night
  • Wed 14 Oct – Wine & Design
  • Sat 17 Oct – General Hacking Day, Committee Meeting
  • Wed 21 Oct – Arduino U.
  • Sat 24 Oct – General Hacking Day
  • Tue 27 Oct – NoizeMaschin!! Halloween Special [FB: https://www.facebook.com/events/1682370821993160/]
  • Wed 28 Oct – Wine & Design

Check our facebook group for more details: https://www.facebook.com/perthartifactory



Join us for our 4th Birth-a-versary party! As always, there are Rumours Of Cake. 8 acts! Many lasers!

* Nathan Thompson | * Polite.Society | * Travis/Enabler A.D. | * Adam Whiteman | * Josten Myburgh | * Taiko-On | * Damage Wave | * Dr Vellocet
Lasers by Optic Nerve!

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/772766329487585/


Want to LED-steampunk your harp? Add blinky-LEDs to your electric guitar? Embed LEDs and electronics into your cosplay costume? Whatever you Thing, It Needs More Bling!

We’re going to start “early” and have experienced mentor-members on hand all day to help you with all the bits and bobs you might need to get your Thing its Bling. All laser cutting, CNC swarfomatting, lots of LEDs & an arduino included.

Visitors: $50/hd (kids 1/2 price).
Tickets from Tidyclub: https://artifactory.tidyclub.com/public/events/2411-bling-your-thing

Event page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/741341092643775/


Arduino action! Join fellow Arduino enthusiasts, learn what they’re all about, help get started… 19:00 onwards, $10 for visitors.


Double whammy this Tuesday – soldering up spacey sound modules (19:00 onwards) and the New Horizons Pluto flyby live from NASA (@ 19:40).
This month’s module is the Nonlinear Circuits Timbre!!!! Generator. “Based on the Buchla Music Easel module but with added fruit, this thing makes a Picasso from even my finger paintings, everytime.”

More info on the WAmod event page on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/949126658484923/



Suffering post-Budget Arts funding blues? Never fear, the National Noise Network is Here! Centrally-approved experimental music will be piped direct to All over the finest antiquated technologies in the realm for retro-cool points.
$5 door tickets, $5 drinkies. Doors open 19:30, acts 20:00. 9 acts for $5? Crazy Cool!
Line-up: Thaddeus The Exile | tilde~ feat. Zal | Polite Society | The Big Bad Brandis Brass Band | Dr Vellocet and the Central State Controls | Masonik Arts | Jonathan Mustard | LLDD | Sage Musick. LASERS by Optic Nerve!!

NM48 on facebook