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The Artifactory

The Perth Artifactory is the Hackerspace/Makerspace in Perth, Western Australia. We currently occupy a large warehouse unit in Osborne Park and which is populated with tools, technology, desks and workstations.

Essentially we are a communal workshop where members who join get access to the tools and machinery in the space to make anything that they want.

We are run by volunteers (members) and currently have over 65 financial members and hundreds of regular visitors for our workshops and events.

  • 50+
    Active Members
  • 5
    Sponsored Members
  • 15+
    Monthly Events
  • 300+
    Monthly Attendees


Tools and Services

  • Laser Cutting

    We have multiple industrial laser cutters and an easy to access training program that can get anyone cutting in a flash.

  • Electronics

    Soldering equipment, components, oscilloscopes, power supplies, lab equipment - we've got it all.

  • Hot Works

    MIG/TIG/SMAW welding supplies, plasma cutting, and forging. If it gets metal hot, we've got it.

  • Wood Working

    Equipment to shape dead trees into whatever you want. Including a smaller tree if desired.

  • 3D Printing

    Our DLP and FDM printers will print all the knicknacks you could possibly want.

  • Rehearsal Space

    Rock out to your hearts content, day or night.

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    • Use of the workshop tools
    • Access to most events
    • Kitchen facilities
    • WiFi
    • Access to the workshop during events
    • 24/7 Key (bond required)
    • Material and project storage options
    • Discounted tool usage fees
    • Access to the workshop during events
    • 24/7 Key (bond required)
    • Material and project storage options
    • Discounted tool usage fees
    • Rehearsal room
    • Performance space
    • Weekly rehearsal slots

If you would like to visit for a tour, come to one of our monthly Open Days, or to a Wednesday evening event. Before heading down check the webcams to make certain someone is there.

We are dedicated to providing a place where people of all backgrounds with an interest in technology, the arts.. etc can come together to work on projects, share ideas and socialise.

The name Artifactory is the joining of the words artifact and factory, so maybe we lost a “fact” (or two) along the way with the motto:Don’t think. Make.


Unit 8 / 16 Guthrie Street,
Osborne Park,
Western Australia


Members get 24/7 access to the Artifactory with a key bond.

If you are interested in joining or just want to checkout the space, come to one of our regular sessions on Wednesday or Saturday.

Other events are marked on our Google Calendar and Facebook pages.

You can also join our Slack team and connect with members and like minded makers.