Sponsored Events

At The Artifactory, we believe in fostering inclusivity, diversity, and promoting the mental well-being of everyone in our community. In part this is achieved by providing a supportive and economically approachable space for events that primarily focus on either supporting mental health or disadvantaged groups.

Supporting Mental Health

Recognizing the major role mental health plays in overall wellbeing, we are pleased to host events focusing on mental health. These events can range from interactive workshops, discussion panels with experienced mental health professionals to mindfulness and meditation sessions. The aim is to raise awareness, promote dialogue, and provide resources for mental health support. We also welcome collaborations with mental health organizations, allied health professionals, schools, and businesses interested in sponsoring or co-hosting such events in our space. Together, we can work towards creating a more understanding and supportive community around mental health issues.

Empowering Disadvantaged Groups

In line with our commitment to inclusivity and diversity, The Artifactory actively seeks to support disadvantaged groups within our community. Events such as skill-building workshops, career counseling sessions, cultural showcases, and more to help raise awareness, foster equality and empower these individuals or groups. We invite nonprofits, charities, local agencies serving disadvantaged groups who are interested in leveraging our space for their events. Our goal is to facilitate a platform that highlights their unique strengths, increases visibility, and supports their holistic development.

How we can help

Support from us may take many forms including:

  • Discounted access to the workshop for events.
  • Free access to the workshop for certain types of events.
  • No minimum event attendance requirements.
  • Promotion to our 5,000+ social media community. (Facebook/Meetup)
  • Presentation equipment for events that require it.

Joining Our Venture

We warmly invite passionate individuals, organizations, and businesses to contribute in rejigging our society towards inclusivity, diversity and mental health support. Whether it is sponsoring an event, lending expertise, or spreading the word, every effort counts.

Please reach out to us for further discussions on running an event at the space.