What we offer

Explore our diverse facilities

Come and see what we have on hand. We've put together an environment where anyone can find the tools they need to help turn your concepts into realities.

Specialised tools and machines

Laser cutting

We have multiple industrial laser cutters and an easy to access training program that can get anyone cutting in a flash.

3D printers

Our DLP and FDM printers will print all the knick-knacks you could possibly want. Want to print things for tabletop games? They can do that too!

Wood Working

Tackle some bigger projects with a table saw, router table, CNC mill, band saw, or lathe. Plus all your hand power tools like drills, drivers, circular saws, trim router, and multitool.

Metal Working

MIG/TIG/SMAW welding supplies, bridgeport mill, metal bandsaw, plasma cutter, forge, and foundry.

Dedicated spaces

Project area

A dedicated coworking space for members to bring their creations to life. It features workspace with access to needed tools and equipment, fostering an environment of unbridled innovation and creativity.

Social area

The social area at The Artifactory is a warm and welcoming space where members can hang out, chill, and enjoy light conversations. It's a great environment for relaxation and making connections with other members.

Electronics Lab

A quiet space filled with soldering and reflow equipment, multimeters, oscilloscopes, hand tools, power supplies, basic components, and more.

Rehearsal room

Treated room with PA and limited backline, great for rehearsals, practice, or recording music and podcasts. Suits up to a four/five piece. Rock out to your hearts content, day or night.

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