Plan your first visit

When to come

The best time to check out the space is at our monthly Open Day which is held on the first Saturday of every month. Drop in any time between 11am and 2pm and we’ll have volunteers on hand to talk you through our facilities, events, and community. If you’re planning on coming down to an Open Day there’s no need to let us know beforehand.

The next best time is during one of these events:

  • General Hacking days, our weekly general build days (11am to 5pm every Saturday)
  • Arduino U, our fortnightly electronics night (7:30pm-10:30pm on Wednesday)
  • Metal Monday, our fortnightly metal fabrication night (7pm-10pm on Monday).

If your first visit will be during one of these events and you have a focused area of interest not covered by the event in question please get in contact beforehand so we can make sure there’s a volunteer around that can answer your specific questions.

You’re also welcome at every other event on our calendar but due to the specialised nature of other events there may not be volunteers around that can answer questions about The Artifactory itself.

What to bring

You don’t need to bring anything if you just want to check out the workshop. If you want to bring a project to work on that’s okay too. Please get in contact if you’re not sure whether we have the tools required for your project in particular or you need to arrange training/induction on a particular tool.


There’s no cost to come by for a tour during any of our events. If you want to stick around afterwards and make use of the facilities or participate in an event then you’ll need to pay the Day Pass rate ($15).